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Tracking laws requires researchers to examine policies across space and time and has become too unwieldy to keep track of in spreadsheets. MonQcle’s interface allows you to organize your legal research and keep it up-to-date without starting over. Sort and mark-up legal text, add references, and quickly navigate using tags and bookmarks.


Legal research can be expensive and time-consuming, and keeping track of all the information can become overwhelming, especially when working on a team project. MonQcle’s flexible features let supervisors apply their own management style, and quality-control settings catch process errors, lessening the time it takes to double check work.


With MonQcle you’re able to visualize the information and analyze the impact of the law with built-in features that transform research into easy-to-understand spreadsheets and interactive maps. The platform enables you to publish these customized reports so you can engage your audience and share your research to create a meaningful impact.

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MonQcle is a software application designed to allow researchers to identify, code, and analyze legal policies and then visualize, share, and update legal research findings. Using MonQcle, you can analyze the effects of the law and improve the accuracy and quality of your research with the efficiency needed to publish timely findings before they are out of date. MonQcle is currently developed and maintained by the Center for Public Health Law Research at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law. It was originally founded by Legal Science, LLC.




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